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alien to her own persona●l interests, and valuable only to the kin▓g and the country the king l


oved.For▓ Holland first of all was re▓ally at the bottom of the “soldier king●’s” action in le


ading the armies o●f Great Britain.His interests had always b●een Continental, and


his personal influence,▓ as well as other less important factors,▓ was leading th

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ing Continental as well as i ▓nsular interests:—“the E
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ice how th●e politi cal ce

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is country to70 assert hersel●f and display her military value in his own▓ national interest That William had so▓me military skill is evident, but his action● was rather that of a brave soldier than

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●that of a great commander.By his own often reck●less exposure, he aroused the spirits of ▓his soldiery, and he did not fear to face dan▓ger, as Landen, where his clo●thes were several times pierc

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ed ●with bullets, proved.Yet, though appar▓ently respected, he was little li●ked.The “asthmatic skeleton” wh▓o at Neerwinden “covered the slow retreat of ▓England” had roused irritation among t

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he o●fficers.Dutch generals had been forc▓ed into high commands for whic

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